Strategies for Dealing with Negative People

Negative people are major energy drainers who are able to completely ruin your day. After spending some time with a negative person, you will usually feel tired, worried, or stressed.

The energy drainers have a great capacity to manipulate a discussion into an excuse to complain about life, friends, family, and the world at large. It’s very important to preserve your own state of mind. When you are around negative people, remind to yourself that you must avoid falling into negativity yourself.

So, if you have no choice but to be around negative people either at work or in your personal life, then you can use the following six strategies to cope with the situation so that you can be positive even in a negative world.

How to deal with negative people

Know when to pick your battles.

Negative people tend to pick fights whenever they can. You don’t want to let this happen. Instead, pick your battles. Know when to let some things go and know when something is worth fighting for.

Build a positive support network.

You need friends and family who offer you positive support. Whenever you can, be sure to add to this network and make it as strong as possible. When you know you have people you can associate with who are positive all of the time, then you will find it much easier to deal with the negative people.

Set boundaries.

You don’t have to sit and listen to someone continually being negative. You cannot control their behavior, but you can make the decision to walk away from negative situations.

Don’t over analyze.

Many times, the negative people will not make decisions based on rational thinking. Sometimes, they just do things. You cannot let those irrational behaviors get in the way of your own positivity. Don’t waste your time and wellbeing overanalyzing every single thing that negative people do.

Avoid people who complain.

The complainers will get in the way of your positive attitude. If people complain regularly without ever considering a solution to their problems, then you know it is time to stay away from them whenever you possibly can.

Find positivity within yourself.

Instead of letting negativity rub off on you, become the very essence of positivity. By doing this, negative people, their rude comments and their tendency to bring others down will not be able to affect you. Instead, you will be in charge of your own positive mental attitude.

Negative people may be in your life, and you may not always be able to avoid them. However, you don’t have to let them get to you. Instead, use these six tips and you will find it so much easier to stay positive no matter how negative the people around you actually are.