How to Motivate Yourself

Sometimes the sofa seems like an island of serenity in a sea of noise, frustration, and chaos. While there is room for the sofa in your life, don’t allow your motivation to disappear. If you have a task or challenge ahead, and you just cannot get motivated, we have some very effective tips.

Self Motivation Tips

Break it down.

They say that Rome was not built in a day, and that is an obvious truth. Use the same logic on a project where your motivation is a bit limited. Break it apart into manageable tasks and you’ll find yourself more eager to engage in it immediately rather than putting off the mountain of work, labor, effort…

Get started.

Sometimes, motivation is cued by just getting started on the task at hand. You can “get started” with steps like list making, organizing materials, and just rolling up your sleeves and tackling the first steps of a physical or manual project. If you are really struggling, say to yourself, “Give it 15 minutes and if you want to stop then it is okay…” Most of the time, you’ll be so involved in the work that you won’t stop.

Create energy.

I always crank up my favorite music when my motivation is low. Whether the work at hand keeps me glued to the desk or requires physical effort, creating positive energy is the key. You can also do this by taking a quick walk, opening a window, spraying some scent, or nibbling a treat.

Whine if you must.

Talking about the task at hand is one way of overcoming a lack of motivation because you may realize how silly you are being about the situation. Of course, it might also create energy and really get you excited about pitching in and getting started on the project, challenge, or work.

Picture perfect.

One great way of motivating yourself is to picture the end result. Whether you need motivation to start an exercise program or diet, work on a big project, or begin some sort of lengthy task, if you take one moment to just visualize the outcome, you will find that it bumps you into gear.

Remind yourself.

Motivation can also come from answering a single question: “Why?” Why are you doing the thing for which you lack motivation? Often, that inspires you to take action and get going.