Tips to Improve Communication Skills

In the world of mobile communication, social networking, and online everything, we are losing our abilities in good communication. If you worry that you need to enhance or improve your communication skills, it is easier than you think to let a conversation flow naturally.

Effective Tips to Improve Communication

Start by listening.

Communication is a two-way street, and those who listen well can often communicate much more clearly, effectively and attentively. Remember that you will want to be heard as well, and one way to ensure that is to give what you want to receive.

The other shoes.

You will instantly improve your ability to communicate if you take a moment to listen to what the other person is saying, and try to put yourself into their shoes. This is particularly true if they have an opposing viewpoint or opinion.

Be concise.

Whether writing or speaking, try not to use an excessive amount of words, and try to be as clear and concise as possible. Don’t forget to also be courteous and complete, too.

Remember your audience.

It can be easy to forget that your listener(s) may have specific needs. For instance, if you are communicating with a group of senior citizens you may need to use different language or tone than when communicating with college students.

No distraction.

Whether talking on the phone, face to face, or in a meeting, you cannot allow distraction to diminish the effectiveness of your listening and communication skills. Eye contact is also great for demonstrating good skills, as well.


Asking a question or repeating what the other just said is a champion communication skill. If you lost the thread of their comment or you don’t understand, ask for clarification in a polite way, such as echoing what you last heard them say in order to gain clarity and get the communication back on track.