Inspiration for Change

No matter what you want to do – no matter how hard it may seem – did you know that you have inspiration all around you? When you begin looking at people who are in the world right now, you will find so many who have inspired change for the entire world as well as for themselves. Often, just by reading their stories, you will get the boost you need to start making a change in your life.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And these are inspirational words all on their own. No, you cannot change the whole world, but you can change yourself. And, when you want to see that change, be that change. It will rub off on others around you and it can very much make a bigger difference in the world than you may have imagined.

Inspiration for Change

So, do you need someone who will inspire you? Do you need to see how they have inspired others around them for a better world? Let’s look at some real live people who have inspired to make a change for others.

Antonia Frick, YANA – You Are Not Alone Charitable Foundation

Lady Antonia Frick is the founder and president of YANA Charitable Foundation, based in Liechtenstein. She has been involved since mid 90’s in numerous actions to support families, elders, children and other vulnerable social groups in Romania.

Lady Antonia Frick has changed the life of hundreds of families in Romania, helping and inspiring them to overcome their condition and have a decent living.

Andy Conner, Founder of the Genesis Project

Andy had been a deputy for quite some time in an area known for prostitution. He became very frustrated with having to arrest young girls who were simply too desperate to know what else to do. So, he founded the Genesis Project, which provides a community home and safe haven to women and girls who have been involved in commercial exploitation and trafficking. It also helps them get off their feet so they can have a fresh start at life.

Austin Shirley, Walking the Country

Austin served on the US Navy before he retired to Florida. After returning from duty, he found himself unhappy with his life. He knew he wanted to do something to find his purpose in life, he wanted a change for himself but also to do something to provide support to others, and that meant doing something for wounded veterans. He began this journey by walking from Florida to San Diego, California with his beloved dog. He was actually inspired himself, and with the help of his friends raised more than $60,000 for Wounded Wear products.

Melody Ross, Founder of Brave Girls’ Club

At first glance, she may look like the average western lady with her cowboy boots and love of fun clothes. However, the more you learn about Melody Ross, the more you will see her inspirational story. She founded Brave Girls’ Club, which is a community for women who want to do big things in their lives. It focuses on helping women overcome difficult situations, get past things from their past, and become an inspiration for many others. Melody even holds Brave Girl Retreats in Idaho.

Cathy O’Grady, a Small Difference with Big Power

Cath O’Grady became an inspiration for so many by doing the smallest of things. She started out small, but her mission has grown. Now, she gives out $50 gift cards to families that cannot afford a meal and she also leaves blankets and scarves on park benches for the homeless. While she is an accountant and has a jewelry business, she still finds the time to continue helping others in any way she can. Cathy shows that even a small act can be an inspiration to others and can certainly make a big difference in the world.

Lauren Billings, an Outdoor Enthusiast

Lauren has always loved the outdoors and she has even taken on climbing mountains that would terrify most of us. When she found out just how many kids simply do not have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, she decided to do something about it. She used a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as a way to raise money that she would go on to use in order to provide outdoor adventures to urban youth. She worked with the Discover Outdoors Foundation.

The truth is inspiration is all around you. All you have to do is look, and beyond that, you can find out everything you need so that you can inspire yourself and then the world. We all have the capability of change within us. We just need to learn how to find it and use it for ourselves and for others.