Keep Track of Ideas on Your iPhone or Android

It’s amazing how much time we can waste trying to find a receipt, a scrap of paper with a telephone number on it, a boarding pass or even our to do list. Fortunately, there are apps for that, and they just keep getting better. Use your iPhone or Android to download apps like Evernote, and see how everything stays in sync between your computer, tablet and smartphone. These apps are ideal for use at home and at the office.

Keep Track of your Ideas Electronically


With Evernote, you can organize just about everything and have it all available to you at the touch of a finger. Save interesting articles and read them at your leisure via Google Chrome. The article appears in a readable format without ads to clutter up the material. Unclutter your receipts by taking a picture of them and organizing them with ease. You can email a receipt to someone when necessary, and you can view them all in your Receipts notebook. Create a To Do list, and use the custom Evernote email address to send memos, photos, webpages and more to your Evernote account automatically. Evernote has other cool features, like saving voice memos. View your notes as a list or save them in searchable notebooks. To work on a note with a friend, create a Shared Notebook.


OneNote, part of Microsoft Office, has been around since 2003, and it is in direct competition with Evernote. You can conceptualize the OneNote app as a binder with individual pages of notes organized in sections, and then stored as a notebook. With OneNote, you can add content anyplace on the page. If you are familiar with Word, you will find the options on OneNote to be substantially similar. Save to do lists, ideas and thoughts, and share information with others who can view your notes or edit them. You can clip and save a webpage, send email and take photos of documents.

Google Keep

The note-taking app Google Keep was developed by Google and became available for Androids in 2013. This application allows you to save and categorize your lists, motes, photos and audio messages. You can set a location- based reminder, such as a notification to retrieve your grocery list when you get to the grocery store. You can also set time-based reminders. Share information with friends, and search by color code or lists such as images and audio notes. Google Keep works on your tablet, computer and Android smartphone.