Learning to Love: How To Love Yourself First

These days, we spend so much time worrying about everyone around us that we forget to love ourselves. The problem is the more you neglect yourself, the less happy you will be. When you love yourself and accept who you are, this will make your relationships stronger, will help you accomplish more at work and in your free time, and will positively affect your future. Here are 11 tips on how you can stop neglecting yourself and learn to love yourself much easier.

Learning to Love Yourself

Begin each day with gratitude.

Don’t even touch the cell phone or TV when you wake up. Instead, begin your day thinking of all the things about yourself and your world that you are grateful for.

Use words to become more happy.

Daily affirmations are little positive things that you remind yourself of each day. They can help you actually talk yourself into being happy and they are quite powerful.

Work on meditation and self reflection.

Take the time to look inward and focus on just you, not the things around you. Start at just five minute and increase this over time.

Find new hobbies and interests.

By expanding your own horizons, not only will you learn new things, but you will also feel good about yourself for pursuing those things as well.

Be willing to Let Go.

When you hold on to old grudges, you don’t accomplish anything but hurting yourself. Instead, be willing to just surrender, relax, and let go of those hurts, grudges or things that are making you feel so much stress.

Learn patience with yourself.

When you are impatient with yourself, all you will do is cause yourself more stress and harm. Instead, learn to be patient. Know that it is ok to make mistakes. You just have to move on.

Believe in your potential.

You have potential to do so much with your life. It is time to own it and believe in what you are capable of doing. Take action on that potential too and accomplish more than you may have imagined was ever possible.

Take baby steps.

Don’t try to do everything at once. That’s not fair to you and will only make you more frustrated with yourself. Instead, handle things one at a time. You will get to things as you need to and that’s what’s most important.

Work on your personal development.

You have the right to develop as a person, to become more of everything you want to do, so start taking steps so that you can accomplish just that.

Follow your intuition.

Refusing to listen to that little voice in your mind means neglecting an integral part of yourself. Instead, listen to your intuition and give it the chance to guide you on the right path.

Forgive yourself.

You will make mistakes. You will do incredibly stupid things. You are only human. It is time to start forgiving yourself so that you can move on.