Ways to Make the Transition to a Nicotine-Free Life Easier

So, you’ve decided to quit smoking. Good for you! Here are some ways to stop using tobacco products, today. Yes, it can be done! Not only will you smell better, but if you stop it will reduce your risks of heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Ways to Help you Quit Smoking

Just pick what works and stop smoking once and for all.

Pick a day.

In a recent Google study, researchers determined that Monday was the best day to give up cigarettes. The most searched phrases like “help quit smoking” happened on a Monday.

Engage in a new hobby.

When the decision is made to give up smoking, you should know it will be hard. However, by engaging in new hobbies, trying some relaxation techniques and/or learning yoga can help make the transition to a nicotine-free life easier.

Think of the smell.

The urge a person has for a cigarette can be diminished, when the brain links it to a foul smell (rotten eggs, maybe?), according to a research study. The same research also suggests that the behavioral changes needed to stop will form in the brain while one sleeps, so start doing this today.

Eat some fruits and veggies.

According to information obtained in a Buffalo University research study, snacking on veggies and fruits can help someone develop a tobacco-free lifestyle. In addition to being cig free, fruits and veggies contain vitamins and nutrients that can be beneficial to one’s health. Start stocking up today!

Replacement options.

Handling the withdrawal symptoms can be quite hard. For this reason, there are many nicotine replacement products to help one deal with these issues. There are products like patches, inhalers and gums, and using these devices has helped many people get through the initial withdrawal process and help with nicotine craving.

Quit cold turkey.

Statistics show that as many as nine out of ten smokers have been able to stop by just cutting the cigs completely out of their lives. Yep, that’s right go cold turkey and do it today! Yes, the withdrawal from cigarettes will be intense, but after a few days it subsides and then you’ve gotten through the worst of it.

Write it down.

Write down the reasons you’re giving up tobacco. Is it because it’s unhealthy? Does it cost too much? These and many other reasons are valid, but whatever the motivation may be, write it down. Having these things written down lets a person reinforce their desire to stop and helps to keep them focused on the goal of being tobacco-free.

Vapor or E-Cigs.

Another popular way many people can use to break the habit is using a vaporizer or e-cig. These are products that can be purchased with or without nicotine and many people have had success with giving up the real thing by using these devices. These products can be found in many different flavors and many have different levels of nicotine, so you can gradually taper down to a device that has none.