Steps to Building Self-Confidence

Our lives can sometimes cause us to lose our self-confidence, and it can be tough to rebuild it. With these simple steps, however, you will discover the best ways to overcome those negative thoughts, worries, or struggles that prevent you from reaching goals.

Self confidence, happiness under the rainbow

Develop a Positive Thinking

Surround yourself with positive people.

Connect with those who are like-minded and positive. The people we choose as friends are a reflection of ourselves, and self-confidence can come from simply choosing friends who are self-confident, too.

Don’t use visuals.

There is no such thing as perfect, so don’t post magazine images or external reminders that reinforce bad feelings. Yes, that photo of you ten pounds ago and the one on graduation day are happy moments, but if you are not feeling the best about yourself just now, you need to reduce the risk of negative thinking. Instead, give yourself a blank space and focus on your success.

Stop the negative self-talk.

Unfortunately, our brains are powerful and we can convince ourselves of almost anything. One way we sabotage our self-confidence is through negative self-talk. Recognize your negative thoughts (i.e. I am going to fail) and turn them into positives (i.e. I CAN do this).

Remind yourself of your abilities and accomplishments.

You have strengths and weaknesses, talents and skills. Don’t ignore them or overlook them when you are looking to boost your self-confidence. Express yourself, enjoy your hobbies, or follow a passion!

Put effort into your appearance.

When our self-confidence flags, we tend to skip on grooming or attention to our appearance. This only reinforces our low self-confidence level. Instead, spend time on your appearance, and you’ll automatically feel more confident.

Look in a mirror.

Look directly into your own eyes in the mirror – and then smile. Giving yourself positive feedback in this way on a daily basis will reinforce your sense of happiness with yourself, and boost confidence.