Tips to Get Started with Meditation

There are myriad methods for meditation and many different schools of thought on the practice. If you are looking to simply begin daily meditations, you don’t have to engage in intensive study. The tips below will provide you with a good and effective approach to basic meditation.

Meditation tips to relax

Learn about your breathing.

Attentive breathing is part of almost any meditation practice. Begin by breathing in through the nose, changing your posture until you feel your lungs and diaphragm fill fully. Exhale through the nose and also adjust the posture to see the effects.

Learn about your posture.

Most meditation asks you to sit comfortably, but many people are distracted by this and worry that they are not in the right “pose”. Essentially, you can sit on a chair or you can put a cushion on the floor and sit cross-legged. You need to be sure that your spine is upright and the chin up. Slumping is a sure way to distraction, so find a way of sitting that allows you to relax and yet not slouch.


Meditation is always going to benefit from your use of visualization. For example, posture is helped by envisioning the top of your head bumping the sky or by picturing yourself rooted to the ground.


You have to give attention to your thoughts during meditation, basically to keep them at bay. Often, this is done by returning to your focus on your breathing, but some visualization is also useful. A common approach is to picture the word of your meditation in your mind’s eye and focus on it as you inhale or exhale.

The right place.

Meditating at work can be very difficult because you will need a place to sit in peace and quiet. Still, if you have an empty room available, you can create a welcoming spot to enjoy brief moments of refreshing and soothing meditation. At home, try to create a formal space with objects you like or gather from outdoors, as these will induce a sense of calm each time you are near them.

So Hum Meditation.

The most basic meditation can be done using the So Hum approach. Sitting with good posture, inhale trough the nose thinking the word “So” as you do. Exhale, through the nose, thinking “Hum” throughout. Use a gentle and slow pace, breathing in this way for two to five minutes. Congratulations! You have now meditated.