Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday: Make Your Time Worth More

Have you ever asked yourself what time means? Time is a subject that’s been studied in science, religion and philosophy. One view is that time is part of a fundamental structure of the universe, that it’s independent of events. Another opposing viewpoint says time does not refer to any kind of event or objects, but rather everything flows on its own.

Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday

Humankind has an open-ended account in the Bank of Time. Anything can still happen. Frank Herbert

Science states the concept of time is self-evident. An hour is 60 minutes long, a day has a 24 hours and a year has 365 total days. However, as humans we don’t really think about the importance of time. Time passes by non-stop and we follow. It keeps passing and we keep following it. We cannot say exactly what happens when times passes by – we just know that it does.

This could mean that today is tomorrow’s yesterday, in a sense that time is going to pass and the days become a blur, one into the next.

Have you ever thought about the fact that you can’t stop time? Do you think you need more out of life? Once you can let go of the things that hold you back, you are free to discover your own joys and do the things that make you happy. You aren’t marching through prepackaged days, weeks, months or years. Life is about making it up as you go and assuming control of your own destiny.

The future is coming much faster than you think or probably even realize. Many things influence the way we think, and ultimately, it is what makes the person we become.

There’s Hope – So Don’t Ever Give Up!

We are never promised tomorrow and we should appreciate that and make the most of the time we have right now, these moments are what’s important!

You shouldn’t worry about yesterday, because it’s gone and you can’t relive it or control it. Today is all you have and it’s your chance to be better than you were yesterday.

Philosophically speaking, time is itself an illusion and we all perceive and think about things in different ways than anybody else. In relation to today, yesterday and tomorrow, think of it in terms of right now.

Today you have the chance to be best version of you that you can be. Yesterday, if you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do – you can try again today. Tomorrow, you can take what you’ve learned from today and yesterday and use these lessons to reach your goals and be a better person. Just whatever you do, don’t waste the blessing of another chance.

The truth is that none of us know what’s going to happen in the future, we only know what happened in the past because it’s done and over. We don’t know what’s going to happen right now in this moment, because that remains a mystery until it happens. Learn from yesterday, live as though you might die tomorrow and make the most of today.

We all need to learn the true value of time, because no matter how we try, we can’t stop it. Don’t be idle, don’t be lazy, and don’t procrastinate! Go out there and seize every opportunity you’re given — because you only live once!