Welcome to Today, the Beginning of a New Day

Now, think about what that really means. We are given a chance to do many things each and every day and if we don’t, we’re squandering a gift. Not everyone will wake up tomorrow – so ponder that for a moment!

Welcome to today

When Tomorrow Gets Here, Today is Gone, Forever!

While you’re still living and breathing, make a conscious choice to be a part of this world. Wake up with your heart, body and mind ready to make the most of everything and be thankful for every opportunity that comes along. Don’t lay in bed feeling sorry for yourself, or become mired down in depression and negativity. Listen to the world around you and revel in the sights, sounds and smells of life!

Forget about all the things you have to do – they don’t really matter that much in the bigger scheme of things. Take the time to calm your mind, be thankful and glad to be alive, healthy, breathing and free. Don’t rush through the day, really take some time to savor the important things. Hug Mom or Dad, embrace a child in a loving squeeze, heap praise on your spouse, partner or friend, and take the time to let each person know how important they are. Tomorrow is never a given, nor is it promised to anyone.

Cleanse Yourself and Your Spirit!

Let go of any grudges and dismiss any anger you’ve repressed. Right now, it’s about welcoming today, the beginning of a new day! Trying to move forward in life is not possible when one can’t release anything negative or hurtful from the past. So, somebody may have wronged you or said something they didn’t mean, it happens but it’s not important when moving into the future. Let it go, forgive, and take back control. Cleanse yourself and let your spirit know happiness and joy.

Surmount any obstacles that prevent joy from coming into your life. This means sometimes letting go of people or things that aren’t conducive to your happiness. Joy, real joy, doesn’t come from having enough money and status or having the fanciest things money can buy. On the contrary, it comes from inner contentment and knowing that happiness is a state-of-mind and a valid choice; you must grasp it with both hands and make the decision to live as a happy and positive person.

Go out into this world prepared. Find new paths to take and enjoy the stroll. Don’t rush through life with your eyes closed to the beauty in everyday things. Be thankful for the lessons you’ve learned, but never forget the journey that got you there! Each step that was taken, has led to where you are right now. If you’re not happy with where you are – keep on moving.

Take just a few moments each morning and reflect and contemplate. Be thankful for waking up and go off into the world and find what inspires you. You’re alive and today is your day. There’s nothing else to do but be brave, move forward, be gracious and recognize how lucky you truly are.